Civil Law

Our team provides professional legal services regarding obligations
and damages.

We represent individuals in mediation and court proceedings in cases involving property law, real estate law including reviewing developer agreements, preparation of documents in all cases relating to joint ownership as well as land and mortgage register. 

We represent housing communities,  administrators and property managers,  and  provide them with comprehensive legal services in both, court and out-of-court proceedings.

The experience we gained throughout many years of legal practice has enabled us to represent our clients in medical cases and provide them with legal advice concerning proceedings leading to receiving damages and remedy.

We successfully pursue claims regarding various medical damages such as medical malpractice, hospital acquired infection as well as the performance of medical procedure without patient’s consent.

We provide legal aid in cases involving violation of personal interests of both, natural and legal persons, related to reputation, dignity, privacy of correspondence etc. 

We specialize in  family law cases, regarding, in particular, divorce and separation petitions as well as  cases regarding contacts with minor children, limitation or deprivation of parental authority custody,  and guardianship.

We also oversee cases regarding succession,  principally those involving acceptance of succession ( both statutory and  testamentary) and legitim.